Home automation is an industry that has exploded and there’s an ever-growing number of new companies surfacing that lack the one thing that truly matters – experience.

With years of experience in designing, selling and installing residential and commercial networking solutions, security and alarm systems, entertainment systems, and many other smart home systems, our team of professionals will install and support reliable and simple to use solutions for residential and commercial customers from a range of reputable established manufacturers. We choose the right home control system and features best suited for your requirements, lifestyle, expectations and budget.

We are located in Toronto and we provide turnkey home automation consulting, design, and installation services to home owners, builders, designers and architects in the greater Toronto area. We have solutions for condominiums, residential homes, new construction, renovations and commercial applications of all sizes. We have the required expertise and we ensure all aspects of any smart home project to be implemented as it was initially intended and designed.

Our Process

Requirements Session
The first phase of the our process is to have a face to face meeting with you to understand what your requirements are. If your home is in the construction stage, this meeting should take place long before it is even finished being framed. During this first encounter, requirements and expectations for your project will be established, along with a rough budget for your system.

Design a Complete System
We will then have a series of meetings and design sessions to engineer a system that is perfectly suitable for your needs. Major considerations in our design process are Ease of Use, Performance, Reliability and Value.

The installation process is typically a 2 stage approach. We begin with a Pre-Wire stage in which all wiring is routed through the home to the required locations. In the second stage,  all equipment is installed, tested, calibrated and programmed. Upon completion of the installation, you and your family will be fully instructed on how to use your system from start to finish. Many clients have found their systems so simple to use that no instruction is required!

Client Support
We pride ourselves on having the highest possible level of support in our industry. All systems are carefully documented in our client database which allows us to solve 90% of our service calls over the phone. We also have developed innovative ways of troubleshooting and correcting issues via the internet allowing us to fix your system quickly and easily. In the event that a service call is required, our dedicated support technicians are quickly dispatched to your home – often within 24 hours. Customer satisfaction is not just our goal – it’s our promise.